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Walter Campbell is one of the most awarded creative thinkers and inspirational ECD's in advertising. Perhaps best known for his TV work and recent success in screenwriting with the feature Under The Skin, he has created iconic brand campaigns and content in all media formats, from print and radio, right across the gamut of possibilities that the digital landscape offers. He's worked with brands as diverse as Apple, Volvo, Kiss FM, Dunlop, BT, Adidas, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Guinness, BT, Coco De Mer, Sainsbury's, Sotheby's, Sony, the COI, Cadbury's, ASOS, Instagram, and many others.


His award count from D&AD alone includes an incredible 23 Silver pencils and 3 of the ultra-rare Black pencils.  The haul from all other major industry awards is just as impressive.  His renown as a storyteller and creator of indelible images who delivers commercially is what makes him exceptional. His film 'Surfer,' for Guinness practically won the 2000 Gunn Report on its own, taking the top award at almost every festival across the world that year.  It was also voted 'Best Commercial Of All Time' by the British public, and more recently won 'The World Cup of Advertising,' a competition created by BBH in 2018. Ideas that amplify the brand, build a legacy and impact beyond the media in which they first appear are Walter's forté.

When Director Jonathan Glazer and Film 4, were struggling with their 'Under The Skin' project, they reached out to Walter because they knew from experience of his virtuoso ability to create a cinematic narrative. The resulting screenplay, combined with the hidden camera filming techniques that Walter also devised, resulted in the film being showered with critical acclaim and heralded as a landmark piece of cinema. The film received 2 BAFTA nominations, and more recently, The Daily Telegraph listed it in their 'Top Ten Sci-fi's of All Time' alongside the likes of '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'Blade Runner'. As time goes on, the work gains a cult following and more gravitas, and at the end of 2019, The Guardian placed the piece at number 4 in their list of 'Best Cinema of The Decade'.

Right now, Walter's next feature is in pre-production with SuperPrime and Magnolia Mae Films. He's also developing a new way to influence influencers across the web, with a cadre of high-tech developers who are keen to showcase their evolving technology in more profound and pervasive ways.

Beyond his obsession with the world of advertising and entertainment, he has two abiding passions; both feed his discipline for and fascination with blurring the lines between art and commerce: the extraordinary films of Stanley Kubrick and the glorious, ever unfurling drama that is the mythological, monumental Man Utd.

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